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USC 5th Annual Global Supply Chain Summit

USC 5th Annual Global Supply Chain Summit is scheduled for August 9th and 10th. As a member of the Advisory Board, Mr. Ban Tran is the owner of the Global Healthcare Impact Panel. The purpose of the Global Healthcare Impact Panel is to discuss how supply chain management can help provide healthcare solutions to people around the world who need it the most. This session will explore best practices in supply chain management that can be adapted into the global health space to ultimately deliver efficient healthcare systems.

Panel Members Are:

  1. Yehuda Bassok – Chair of the USC Department of Data Sciences & Operations, and professor of Data Sciences & Operations (Panel Moderator)

  2. Deborah Dull – Supply Chain Strategy Manager, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  3. Ian Steff – Deputy Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing, US Department of Commerce

  4. Pierre Theodore – VP of Medical Devices, Johnson & Johnson

  5. Haley Bui – Secretary, World Health Ambassador (NGO)

  6. Anthony Savelli – Procurement and Supply Management Project Director, Chemonics International


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