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United Nations ECOWAS Conference

The Trans International team was invited by the Ambassador of ECOWAS to the United Nations to participate at the Round Table Discussion on Digital Technology In Sustainable Smart Agriculture on July 9, at the United Nations.


  1. Water Desalination - filters seawater for farming and potting

  2. Nano Gel - forms a gelatin around the roots of plants to prevent water evaporation and increase absorption by 50%

  3. Nano Enzyme - stimulates the Kreb cycle by creating microbial engagement to increase crops production.

  4. Biochar - heavy biomass used to restore nutrients to the soil on average by 80% and retains nutrient richness for several decades.

  5. Waste To Energy - a gasification technology to convert any kind of waste into electricity, steam, hot water, alcohol, or fertilizer.

  6. Producer Market - blockchain platform to assist small farmers to distribute their produces worldwide, with provenance for products authentication.

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