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The Trans International team is invited by UNOSSC to participate on the Science and Technology Panel at the 2019 Annual GSSD Expo at the United Nations. Mr. Ban Tran will be speaking about leveraging blockchain for massive jobs creation, while Mr. Leo Chris Lu will be speaking about integrating blockchain for the clean energy space.

GSSD Expo 2018 Key Thematic Topics

South-South Cooperation in:

  • Poverty Eradication and Livelihood Recovery

  • Sustaining Peace and Promoting Inclusive Development

  • Emergency Response to Food Security and Resilience in Rural Setting

  • Impact Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Decent Work

  • Innovative Financing Mechanisms

  • Trade and Investment

  • Youth and Women Engagement for SDGs

  • Green Growth and Sustainable Cities

  • Delivering Health Outcomes

  • Public Service Innovation

  • Private Sector Engagement

  • IGOs, NGOs and CSOs


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