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Chief Executive Officer

QDotData Holdings, Inc.

Timothy Dupler

About Mr. Timothy

Timothy Dupler, Esq. has over 20 years of extensive experience in software architecture, business layouts, media management, call center and operational management for direct response and event companies that he has used to maximize productivity and profitability for numerous companies.


Mr. Dupler has a proven track record of achieving significant successes in short timeframes.  As CEO of Alena Internet Corporation in 2007, Dupler grew the company to a 15% monthly profit within 90 days, which was sold 6 months later to a public company at a stock value far exceeding investment.  After consulting with U.S. Auto Parts, Inc., in 2008’ Dupler took its struggling web operations and overseas call center to double the sales of the overseas call center in 90 days.  For Estalea, LLC, as CEO of Calls Direct, LLC in 2011, he transformed heavy monthly losses to strong monthly gains in only 6 months.  The Amden Corporation enjoyed revamped operations and sales exceeding $60 Million in one year due to Dupler’s efforts as President.


From 1999 to 2001, Mr. Dupler worked as President of Ronco Inventions and Popeil Inventions, where he built and managed internal operations to manage sales growth from less than $20 Million annually to over $250 Million annually within 6 months.  Dupler also resolved an almost decade old Federal Trade Commission complaint filed against the company without penalty by meeting with top regulators in Washington, DC.  The operational success of the combined enterprises resulted in profits in excess of $100 Million for each of the 2 years Dupler managed the operations.  Additionally, the software system designed for Ronco by Dupler was then sold by Ronco to other direct response companies at prices exceeding $250,000 installed.


Mr. Dupler worked as President 2003 to 2007 and previously as Marketing Director (1992-1998 for Walker Advertising, Inc., a family business which has a presence in both English and Spanish markets.  As President, Dupler took the company in massive internal transition to being one of the first ad agencies to complete and follow ISO protocol. Los Defensores, one of Walker’s internally owned entities enjoyed 76% market share for its sector and grew to be the largest single advertiser in the US Spanish Language market. Its English counterpart, 1800THELAW2 earned over 25% market share in the Los Angeles market as the largest legal advertiser.


Mr. Dupler has consulted with numerous additional companies in the direct response space over the years, including numerous web product launches, TV launches, and operational support for companies including:  Irwin Naturals, Alena Internet Corp. (originally, e-Universe, LLC, and later Intermix Media, LLC and FoxCorp), the company that built Myspace and drove it to popularity; Cross Media Services, Hispanic religious market consulting; Compass Entertainment, where he wrote a business and operational plan for online and event promotion company; and Apex Motor Sports, where he built online ticket and event software program for their Monster Truck and event program.


Dupler has been acknowledged by his peers and governmental bodies.  In 2001, Dupler was selected to participate on the original “Electronic Retailers self governance board” which prepared the rules for DRTV self governance and member control of advertising.  In 1995, Dupler was one of only five advertisers chosen to work with the California Legislature, the State Bar of California and Consumer Attorneys of California which modified the California Business and Ethics Code to include Sections 6153-6159 which altered the attorney advertising laws for California and set the guidelines used by the American Bar Association to draft their rules.


Other recognitions and awards received by Mr. Dupler have included Registered Engineer, General Motors, 1978; Multiple aircraft pilot ratings, General Liability Insurance license; Best Available Control Technology in Texas and California in 1990 for patents developed and owned by Mr. Dupler and many more military and civilian related awards and certificates.  


Active in organizations both within and outside the Direct Response Television/Internet community, Mr. Dupler is a board member of 4 businesses, most unrelated to DRTV and is actively involved in new projects.


Mr. Dupler earned a Juris Doctorate Degree with emphasis in Internet Law, Entertainment Law and Business Law from The University of West Los Angeles School of Law.  Previously, he provided distinguished service to his country in the United States Army Infantry, having achieved a rank of Sergeant.  His training from General Motors Training School in Memphis, Tennessee and related work experiences resulted in him becoming a registered engineer in 1978.

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