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Senior Vice President

US-Asia Links

Sam Chan

About Mr. Sam

Mr. Sam Chan studied at Polytechnic University where he received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and has over fifteen years of experience in engineering consulting, project management and entrepreneurship prior to becoming SVP of US-Asia Links (former official representative of the State of Maryland on International Trades for over 10 years).

Mr. Chan's role primarily focused on assisting governments, institutions and businesses in the United States and China with identifying business opportunities, strategy developments and execution to promote and penetrate new markets and expansion globally, in the areas of education, healthcare and high technologies.

Mr. Chan is also the co-Founder and President of the American-Chinese Economic & Cultural Exchange Association, a non-profit organization devoted to promote and facilitate the cultural exchanges and economic cooperation between the US and China, as well as to improve the quality of life and opportunities and the preservation of Chinese cultures in main stream America.

Mr .Chan’s prior experience include overseeing planning and construction of a 250,000 square feet educational institution in North Carolina, 6.0 Megawatt TriGen plant in Vermont, a 500,000 square feet hotel/restaurant/entertainment complex development in New York City, a 11,000 square feet restaurant in Maryland and a 10,000 square feet private club and art gallery in Virginia.

With his vast experience and knowledge in electrical and engineering, Mr. Chan will play a key role facilitating and advising Trans International in industrial, electrical and engineering-related projects.

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