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Managing Partner 

Aster Family Advisors

Leah Zveglich

About Ms. Leah

Leah Zveglich is the founder of The Aster Club, a private world-class legacy club where some of the most affluent families in the world come together to collaborate on impact investing and building sustainable social enterprises. The Aster Club feels the traditional philanthropy model of asking for donations as operating income is not sustainable; therefore in order to create longterm feasible development, the model needs to be that of a social enterprise, where profits are also in alignment with solving a social cause.

As a managing partner of the club, Leah oversees the over-all club operation and strategy. She is a trusted advisor and executive coach, specializing in corporate strategies as well as succession development. She provides member families with advisory services on strategy, succession planning and social impact. Leah studied organizational behavior at Harvard University and international business at University of Western Sydney. She has also been an entrepreneur since her senior year in college. The White House and the Young Entrepreneurs Association have recognized Leah for her outstanding achievements in business and export.

In addition, Leah has also lived in 10 countries and has worked in over 20 countries, which gives her the cultural insights needed to translate theories into applicable practices in the international markets. She enjoys working in this dynamic environment where innovation and execution are highly valued and everyone on the team is accountable for their decisions and actions. Leah understands every founder’s dilemma and recognizes symptoms of their syndrome.

Leah also founded Aster Family Advisors, a boutique family office for selected privileged families to build their legacy in accordance with their family values. Leah leads a team of select advisors who are experts in family succession, family business, and related family matters. Whether running a family office or a private family foundation, it operates best when the same principles of growing a small business are applied.

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