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Chairman & CEO 

Lee World Group

Dr. James Lee

About Dr. James

Dr. James Lee is the Chairman & CEO of Lee World Group, a conglomerate headquartered in New York City and Beijing, China, with business holdings in Real Estate Development & Management, Automotive, General Aviation, Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions, International Sourcing and Manufacturing (

Dr. James Lee started his career in the early 90's when he formed Lee World Industries in New Jersey, with manufacturing plants in Shanghai and Wuhan, China, to be the OEM Parts manufacturer for the automotive giants, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Mercedes. He also joint-ventured with Long Staton to form Long Staton & Lee in Ohio to manufacture aviation parts for Boeing.


After receiving his PhD from Ohio State University and OPM from Harvard University, Dr. Lee went back to China to be positioned in the forefront of China's economic growth and became one of the key figure in leading Chinese companies to expand into the international markets. Dr. Lee invested and participated in numerous large-scale real estate development projects, including a 220 acres French winery theme development called Chateau Lafite, comprising of 5,000 homes, 5 star hotel, commercial, retail, resort and entertainment facilities (


Dr. Lee and his partner, WanFen Group, are also responsible for the iconic master development of Taluan Lake Specific Economic Zone in the Capital of Laos, Vientiane (One of Southeast Asia's largest development project). This is a 20-30 years development of an entire city, which will leapfrog the city from third-world status to be amongst one of the top-tier cities in the world ( - official video rendering starts at the 3:10 mark.


Aside from being a businessman, Dr. James Lee is also the Trustee of Wuhan University (top 4 University in China), who recently cofounded a new foreign language department for the University along with two of his peers Madam Li Xiao Lin, President & Chair of The Chinese People's Association For Friendship With Foreign Countries (equivalent to Vice Minister of Foreign Affair) and her husband, Liu Yazhou, Head of China's Academic and Defense Research Institute (top research institute in China) and served as former China's Air Force highest-ranked 3 stars General.


In addition, Dr. James Lee is also the Chairman of the China Philippines Business Association. In 2011, Philippine's Ambassador Joey Antonio and Philippine's President Aquino, met with Dr. Lee and invited Dr. Lee to form and Chair the China Philippines Business Association. This is a private exclusive association comprised of about two dozen corporations, including real estates, banks, construction companies, manufacturers, aviations, railways and media companies from both China and the Philippines. The total output of the corporations in the Association is about 60% of the Philippines GDP.

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