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Senior Vice President, Latin America

Guillermo Molina

About Mr. Guillermo

Mr. Domingo Guillermo Molina studied Business Management at Utesa Universidad in Dominican Republic and came from a business family with specialization in international trades and supply chain. The three core businesses the family is involved in are: 1) International Trades, 2) Owning and operating a supermarket chain, 3) Provide foreign exchange service to domestic companies in Dominican Republic of all sizes.

Growing up, Mr. Molina had been involved in running the family’s businesses since his teenage years. He started from managing the supermarket chain and later on, transitioned into the international trade side of the family business. Molina was in charged of importing household appliances and auto parts from Japan for products procurement in the Dominican market.

In 2006, Mr. Molina decided to diversify the family business by adding real estate into the portfolio. He partnered with his uncle who was an architect and opened up a real estate construction company, primarily building residential homes and smaller commercial complexes. Mr. Molina also introduced the first Century 21 into Dominican Republic to become the family’s in-house brokering agency to market all the properties the company built.

Mr. Molina had a good run for nearly 2 years in real estate construction until the market crashed in 2008. He then decided to transition back into what he has always been familiar with, which is international trade. Mr. Molina gathered all his resources and business relationships together to create a supply chain distribution channel to procure food & beverages to supermarket chains across the East Coast of the United States. Mr. Molina’s clients include some of the most well-known names and majority of the Spanish supermarket chains in the United States.

In 2010, Mr. Molina was introduced to Mr. Ban Tran through a mutual acquaintance in similar industries. Mr. Molina and Mr. Tran became good friends and business colleagues ever since. They worked together on sourcing and supplying food commodities from various regions (especially Vietnam) to many of Mr. Molina’s clients. For startup clients, Mr. Molina and Mr. Tran also acted as advisors to help their clients establish supply chain and logistic infrastructures in order to be sustainable in the long run.

In 2014, Mr. Molina collaborated with Mr. Tran to organize and bring a delegation of 20 businessmen from China to visit the Dominican Republic and explore potential investment opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Members of the delegation included some of the most respectable names in real estate development, tobacco, and infrastructure industries in China. The plan was to initiate the first step in a many steps process to develop and modernize the Dominican Republic into a first-world status nation.

Molina’s involvement with USC Global Supply Chain Management Center also plays a part in the bigger vision of developing and modernizing the Dominican Republic. In 2016, Mr. Molina and Mr. Tran introduced USC GSCM center to PUCMM (Dominican Republic’s top international university) and organized a trip to establish and facilitate the USC GSCM center’s presence in the Caribbean. Many meetings took place between department heads of different government agencies and the USC GSCM center. A summit between 60 of Dominican Republic’s top CEOs in supply chain was also held, with USC GSCM Executive Director, Nick Vyas, as the keynote speaker.

As a result, an official MOU was signed between the Board of USC Marshall School of Business and the Board of PUCMM, for joint research and academic exchange. Mr. Molina now serves on the Board of Advisors for USC GSCM Center together with Mr. Tran and continues to support in all activities between the Center and its involvement in the Dominican Republic.

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