Princess Merriam Kiram

HRH Princess Merriam Kiram is the Princess of the South and the Widow of the 34th Sultan of Sulu Archipelago. She is the current sultanate of the Sovereign of Sulu and holds the position of Minister of Finance. In addition, HRH Princess Merriam Kiram is a philanthropist and a businesswoman, specializing in international trade, commodities, construction, and finance.

Since Sulu was the center of trade for Southeast Asia during 1300-1400, her mission objective is to restore the status of Sulu as a global trading hub by aggregating technology and resources from around the world to rebuild the region's infrastructures. HRH Princess Merriam Kiram serves on Trans International Group's Advisory Board and advises Trans International Group on how to align its technology to the needs of the Sulu and be able to provide solutions to achieve tangible results and measurable social impacts.