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East/West Investment Forum

Mr. Ban Tran, CEO of Trans International, was invited to participate as a panel speaker at the East/West Investment Forum in Boston, MA. on April 7, 2018. The purpose of the Forum is to explore business investment opportunities between the Eastern and Western markets, focusing specifically on Vietnam and the Americas. There were three panels: Investment Opportunities in Vietnam, Investment Opportunities in America, and Startup Investment Trends in Vietnam and the U.S. The audience includes diplomats, business executives, entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and students from MIT & Harvard.


Panel A: Investment Opportunities in Vietnam

1) Mr. Hung Tran - Co-Founder & CTO, GotIt

2) Mr. Denny Cowger - Chief Administrative Officer, Ortholite

3) Mr. Hung Quang Tran - Co-Founder, UP Coworking Space

Panel B: Investment Opportunities in the U.S.

1) Mr. Phiet Nguyen - Director, Greystone & Co.

2) Mr. Ban Tran - President & CEO, Trans International

3) Mr. Tuyen Do - Managing Director, Wells Fargo Securities

4) Mr. Eduardo Mace - President, 18Moons

5) Ms. Meredith Haviland - Partner, Foley Hoag

Panel C: Investment Trends in Vietnam and the U.S.

1) Mr. Mike Edelhart - Managing Partner, Social Starts

2) Mr. Vivek Soni - Managing Director, TiE Boston Angels

3) Mr. Hung Tran - Co-Founder & CTO, GotIt

4) Mr. Tuan Pham - Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank

5) Mr. Bill Brah - Managing Director, Venture Development Center - UMass Boston

6) Mr. Adrienne Ellman - Partner, Foley Hoag


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