On October 12, Ryan Ban Tran and Aurora Aquino attended a party thrown by the South Korean Mission to the United Nations, in honor of Mr. Ban Ki Moon. Guests include Ambassadors and Diplomats, representing countries from all over the world. Ryan Ban Tran also briefly spoke with Mr. Ban Ki Moon regarding the upcoming SDG conference Trans International is planning to host with the United Nations and several Royal Families.

Mr. Ban Ki Moon giving his speech to the audience attending his honorary party.

Photo Caption (left to right): 1. Ryan Ban Tran, CEO of Trans International, 2. Mr. Henry Keenho Kim, Chairman of ISEA Foundation, 3. H.E. Mr. Choong-Hee Han, South Korean Deputy Ambassador to UN 4. Aurora Aquino, Advisory Board Member of Trans International

Ryan Ban Tran with former United Nation's Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon