September-29-2017 – Meeting With Head Ambassador of ECOWAS

Ryan Ban Tran and Aurora Aquino of Trans International were invited by Head Ambassador of ECOWAS (Economic Cooperation Of West African States), H.E. Koné Tonau, to discuss about the priority projects of ECOWAS. The list include the development of:

  • 4,000+ km highway coorridor connecting Dakar - Abidjan - Lagos
  • 2,000+ km West Africa railway ring connecting Niamey - Kaya, Niamey - Cotonou and Ouangolodougou - Bamako
  • Establishment of a regional shipping line company
  • The electrical interconnection networks of 330 kV (Nigeria - Niger Benin - Burkina) and 225 kV (Ghana - Burkina Faso - Mali - Guinea)
  • Construction of solar power and wind farm plants
  • Development of sustainable rice production and the Regional Agricultural Investment Plan
  • Construction of 6 specialized referral hospitals, a regional center disease control of ECOWAS and establishment of a regional rapid response team of ECOWAS

Rya Ban Tran, Aurora Aquino and H.E. Head Ambassador of ECOWAS, Koné Tanou, met at the Grand Hyatt in NYC.