AUGUST-8-9-10-2017 – USC 5th Annual Global Supply Chain Summit

Mr. Ryan Ban Tran (CEO of Trans International) and Mr. Guillermo Molina (SVP of Trans International, Latin America), both have seats on the Advisory Board of University of Southern California Global Supply Chain Center. The collaboration between Trans International and USC came about as a result of Trans International's introduction and facilitation of the joint-research & academic between USC and PUCCM, an international university in the Dominican Republic.

Photo Caption (left to right):  A) Ryan Ban Tran - CEO of Trans International, B) Guillermo Molina - SVP of Trans International, Latin America, C) Carl Mount - SVP of Starbucks, US Retails & Global Supply Chain, D) Eric Chow - Associate Director, USC Global Supply Chain Center

Photo Caption: USC 5th Annual Global Supply Chain Summit's VIP Dinner under the Endeavor

Mr. Ryan Ban Tran is the coordinator and panel owner of the Global Healthcare Impact panel at the USC 5th Annual Global Supply Chain Summit. He can be seen here together with the rest of his panelists.

Photo Caption (left to right): A) Pierre Theodore - VP of Medical Devices, Johnson & Johnson, B) Haley Bui - Secretary, World Health Ambassador, C) Ryan Ban Tran - CEO, Trans International, D) Yehuda Bassok - Chairman, USC Data Science Department, E) Deborah Dull - Supply Chain Manager, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, E) (missing from picture) Anthony Savelli - Director of Procurement & Supply Management, Chemonics International

Photo Caption: USC 5th Annual Global Supply Chain Summit - Plenary Session