AUGUST-16-2017 – Meeting With Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi

Meeting with Advisory Board, Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi and his brother, Iraj Kamalabadi, to discuss potential business. Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi is deemed by China's State Medias as "The Most Influential Foreign Figure In Modern China's History." He is a well know figure in the oil & gas, energy and financial sectors in China and the Gulf Region. He has served as Senior Advisor to a number of national oil systems such as Oman, Iran, Kuwait and China. Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi is also the only non-Chinese personality to lead two national oil and gas associations, as well as several provincial and private oil and gas associations of China. Iraj Kamalabadi was one of the former Chief Engineer for the Boston's Big Dig Project (1991-2007, one of the most complex and expensive highway projects in the US).

Photo Caption (left to right):  A) Ryan Ban Tran - CEO, Trans International, B) Abraham Carons - Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch, C) Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi - Chairman, Future Trends International Group, D) Iraj Kamalabadi - EVP, Future Trends International Group