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Trans International Group specializes in international trade and development. Our activities range from traditional businesses like sourcing manufactured goods for clients or facilitating commodity trades between buyers and sellers, to procuring advance technology to modernize outdated infrastructures for both the public and private sectors.


We're dedicated to innovation, spanning nanotechnology, blockchain, AI, and graphene housing. Our focus extends to water conservation, agriculture, biotech, medical cannabis, plasma tech, road infrastructure, and clean energy solutions.

Supply Chain Solution

Our supply chain solutions include contract farming, manufacturing, and consulting. We integrate tech for efficiency and provide expertise in carbon credit strategies, promoting sustainability at Trans International Group.


Our trading portfolio spans commodities and a diverse range of manufactured goods. We also offer a Private Placement Program, providing tailored investment opportunities. At Trans International Group, we're your gateway to a world of trade and investment possibilities.

Infrastructure Development

We specialize in infrastructure development, encompassing project origination, syndication, and finance. Our expertise extends to various project delivery methods (EPC, EPCM, EPCF) and financing models (BT, BOT, BOOT, DBOOT, DFBOOT), as well as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

Latest News

Stay informed with the latest developments at Trans International Group. Explore our updates to discover our ongoing initiatives, industry insights, and milestones shaping our journey.

About Trans International Group

International Trade and Development

Technology Infrastructure Holding

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Expertise and Experience

For those seeking seasoned professionals who have blazed a trail in their respective fields, Trans International Group stands as the ultimate choice. With decades of experience and a track record of success, our team's expertise is your assurance of excellence.

Innovative Solutions

Innovation is the cornerstone of Trans International Group. We're dedicated to pushing the envelope, delivering cutting-edge solutions that transcend conventional limits. Partner with us to access the future of industry solutions.

Global Reach

Trans International Group's global network and reach extend far and wide. With our international presence, we offer a bridge to opportunities across borders. Partner with us to tap into a world of possibilities.

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