• Spoke at the United Nations on Technology for Sustainable Smart Agriculture


Trans International is a private holding/consultant company formed in February 2014, with shares and stakes in various companies and projects globally. It serves as the corporate development arm of a Family Office consortium made up of multiple prominent global families and is one of the three strategic pillars within a closed-loop ecosystem. Trans International specializes in architecting the full value chain solution for governments based on each country's mandate and securing the sovereign guarantees to derisk our strategic investments. This includes project origination, project syndication, project finance, market-making, and exit strategy.

The second pillar of the consortium is NPF, our SE Asia conglomerate which operates like an incubator/accelerator and has its own team of PhDs and award-winning research lab in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In addition, NPF also has working agreements with nearly a dozen Universities throughout SE Asia to co-develop and commercialize new in-house technologies for market adoptions from a top-down approach to facilitate Trans International's engagements with off-takers and government contracts.

The third pillar of the consortium is Eden Capital Investment Group, our Family Office Private Equity Fund. This pillar comes into play when the exit strategy is secured and we need capital to scale the commercialization of new innovations to fulfill the government contracts. Each pillar provides strategic support for the others, and as constituents of the consortium, collectively enables a one-stop-shop value proposition to governments, giving us the competitive edge.







On July 24, Mr. Ryan Ban Tran was invited to speak on the topic of leveraging technology for sustainable smart agriculture at the 5th Annual Agribusiness & Economic Industry Summit at the United Nations…more


Ryan Ban Tran is the President & CEO of Trans International and has been involved in the international business and management industry for over 15 years. In addition, he also serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of NPF and Managing Partner at Eden Capital Investment Group…more




The Trans International team was invited by the Ambassador of ECOWAS to the United Nations to participate at the Round Table Discussion on Digital Technology In Sustainable Smart Agriculture on July 9, at the United Nations...more