Timothy Dupler

Mr. Timothy Dupler is the CEO of QDotData Holdings, Inc and is currently building out and marketing several companies in the tech sector such as QBANQ®, QLAN™, SYLO™ AGS™ and QH2O™. These companies integrate nanotechnology, blockchain, IOT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to develop solutions for industries such as fintech, consumer electronics, healthcare, and water treatment. Currently, he is utilizing blockchain with nano IOT to develop enterprise-grade solutions for supply chain traceability and to address anti-counterfeit applications.

Mr. Dupler was the former President of Ronco Inventions (#1 TV advertiser for consumer products up until the sale of the company in 2002) and the former President of Cybersonic Toothbrush with Robert Urich. In addition, Tim had lead the turn around of Call Direct, US Auto Parts, and Alena Internet Corp, which built and sold MySpace to Fox Entertainment.