Quantum Nano Dot Data


Trans International Group presents Quantum Dot Data (QData), a business which combines three of the most advanced technologies known to science: Nanotechnology, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, backed by one of the strongest data analytic company in the world, Teradata Inc, to provide the most robust data solution for solving the world’s most challenging problems in efficiency, stability and authenticity.



Nanotechnology is the manipulation and application of matter on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale, which can be used across all fields of science (Chemistry, Biology, Physic, Material Science and Engineering). At the heart of Nanotechnology is the adoption of Graphene, a revolutionary advanced material which can be used to improve the ergonomic, utility, efficiency and life-cycle of almost all industrial and commercial applications.

Imagine a DNA registry for currency authenticaton where counterfeiting is no longer a concern. With a quantum dot implanted directly into the currency, once enacted, it will enable any transaction code or currency outside of chain of title would be blocked and funds recovered.

In the Aerospace industry, outdated methodology prior to World War 2, called “Yellow Tag” is still being used. Qdata’s quantum dot as a tracker provide far more data than any yellow tag, but cannot be lost or misplaced. The dot would be embedded in the metal and is impervious to heat, moisture or exposure, making our solution unparallel to any previous data options.

In the world of medicine, imagine a pharmaceutical inspector walking down the aisle scanning the shelves with a reciever. Any product that does not activate the reciever is a counterfeit! Quantum dots can be inserted into approved raw materials and composition of liquid, gel or solids. Once installed, they can provide a chain of custody and title all the way down to the consumer. Reporting would be automatic and fraud, counterfeiting as well as theft could be eliminated.


What happens to oil once it is out of the ground? Quantum dots can be embedded into the oil and other toxic chemicals to detect transport, leaks, and even dilution. In addition, Qdata can provide on-demand logistic tracking for the supply chain industry as well as mitigate against theft by tracking materials like clothing, auto parts, machines, tools, appliances, cars, phones, etc. Qdata enables multiple covert and specialty application for commercialization.

In summary, Qdata utilizes the most advanced materials in nanotechnology to enable almost any conventional commercial business to be integrated with blockchain technology for artificial intelligence to analyze and provide the most robust and comprehensive data analytic solutions to today’s challenges in efficiency, authenticity and stability across all sectors. Please feel free to contact us for any question. Thank you.

Scientific studies will be available soon…