Leo Lu

Leo possesses 20+ years of business and technology experience as a strategic and executive management officer. The knowledge he has contributed to industry peers include innovations expertise leading startups, SMBs with $750M in sales revenue to Fortune 500 companies. Leo has been part of winning organizations such as IBM, Franklin Templeton, DHL, and EarthLink. Leo was part of a pioneering SaaS company that disrupted the market landscape through their patented development of application virtualization and streaming technologies. During his tenure, he architected and led global teams of engineers to displace a traditional software application marketplace.

In his capacity, Leo is responsible for securing large-scale business opportunities both nationally and globally. Also, token offerings specializing in blockchain technology and business migration strategy which aligns with Verse Vault to identify opportunities, address critical challenges and transform the organization. Company practice focused on Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Process Innovation in building out the next generation distributed ledger platform, providing a wide range of development to properly define whitepaper. In his off-time, Leo is an active community leader with Rotary International, LA5 and a former Scout. Leo holds a BSc in Information Technology - Media Visual Communication, Masters in Business Administration and former Ph.D. candidate in Computation Science.