Gor Gevorkyan

As a seasoned cryptocurrency specialist, Gor Gevorkyan incorporates his expertise as a calculated risk-taker together with his immense knowledge about the shifting trends in the technology world in giving the best advice to his clients and business colleagues. Gor has amassed immense practical knowledge on how the industry works and is always on check to notice any shifts in the market and equally formulate new provisions to adapt to the shifting changes. He has thus managed to work with the leading cryptocurrency brands such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium. This in turn has enabled him to become an ambassador for big brands and it’s his duty to guarantee long term viability of the numerous multi-billion portfolios he plans to work with.

Gor is well conversant with key aspects of cryptocurrency like creation and acquisition and this puts him at the forefront of information directives making him the ideal go-to person for clarifications. He has conducted market analysis, managed crypto systems, conducted various products’ feasibility studies and improved their profiles. Given his vast knowledge and expertise of distribution and all crypto assets,Gor is the perfect asset to Trans International for expanding into the Blockchain and Crypto world.