Beau Stickley

Beau Stickley, also known in Chinese as Bo Wang, is a film/TV producer and private equity investor. Stickley serves as President of Han Yu Media, which is Wanda Film Group's major production partner. He is an expert in financing and producing theatrical movies/TV in China. He is currently producing a lucrative comedy film, by comprising a team of members from the huge domestic hits "Never Say Die", "Goodbye Mr. Loser" and "Lost in Hong Kong" - each of which grossed over US$ 200-300 million. He has participated in Ningxia Film Group's US$ 100 million "Asura," which is first of a planned trilogy featuring Oscar-winning costume, visual effects, and set designers. He has supreme distribution partnership not only with Wanda Cinema Line but also with TV broadcast (CCTV, Jiangsu TV, Hunan TV, etc.) and internet giants'online streaming platforms (Tencent and iQIYI, etc.) in China. He is also working with a team in cutting-edge VR content and cinema development.

Stickley began his professional career as a Senior Analyst in State Street Corporation after he graduated with M.S. from Boston University. Currently, Stickley is a partner via various private equity groups such as Kingdou Investments, where he has worked on underwriting for S.F. Express IPO, Tencent's Supercell acquisition, Alibaba's Ant Financial IPO, Wind Info IPO and Foresun Group IPO. In addition, Stickley also serves as Principal in Fidelity Investments in both funds and multi-asset investment sectors. One of his accomplishments in capital market was acquisition. He also worked on Manhattan Associates' supply chain solutions to Walmart, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals' innovative computational chemogenomic drug discovery approach. Both firms are now publicly traded.