Ban Tran

Ban Tran is the CEO of Trans International Group and has been involved in the international business industry for 14 years. Ban formerly served as an Advisory Board member of University of Southern California (USC) Center for Global Supply Chain Management, as well as Advisory Board member and Chairman of the Global Outreach Committee for GetGlobal, a global-focused business conference in the US designed to fuel international growth.

Ban studied Electrical Computer Engineer from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, but started his career in supply chain by collaborating with the Vietnam Trade Commission to help promote trade and source products between Vietnam and the Western countries. As business grew, he later expanded his involvement into infrastructure, private equity, and disruptive technology. Today, Ban's primary focus is working with advanced technologies to provide solutions for supply chain, infrastructure development, industrial applications, and social impact.

Ban works together with teams of engineers and scientists from top Universities, along with bankers, business executives, other strategic partners, and governments to develop some of the most comprehensive technological solutions for society's challenges. Ban's role is to take these technologies for commercialization and industry applications. Some of these technologies include:

  • Waste to energy conversion technology
  • Nano-infused Smart Agriculture for sustainable crops production
  • graphene supercapacitor
  • graphene for water treatment
  • graphene coating for anticorrosion and temperature insulation
  • AI and Big Data for early-stage cancer detection
  • blockchain for on-demand and real-time logistic tracking
  • the ability to digitize physical materials onto the blockchain
  • the ability to integrate the existing financial system with cryptocurrency
  • utilizing a combination of blockchain, AI and media to authenticate data
  • and much more...