September-25-2017 – Vietnam-US Trade & Investment Relations

Trans International was invited by the Vietnamese government to participate in the Vietnam-US Trade & Investment Workshop, representing the United States. Mr. Ryan Ban Tran (CEO of Trans International) spoke on behalf of the group and eight American companies to discuss with the Vietnamese delegation about potential trade collaboration between US and Vietnam. Key people in the Vietnamese delegation include: Mr. Minh Chien Hoang (Deputy Director General of Ministry of Industry and Trade), Mr. Anh Tu Hua (Director of Industry and Trade Department of the City of Danang), Ms. Oanh Kim Tran (Director of Vietrrade, VN), Mr. Dung An (Director of Vietrade, NY) and the rest of the CEOs and Senior Managements of the Vietnamese private sector delegation.

Photo Caption: Mr. Ryan Ban Tran representing the US and eight American companies to discuss potential trade promotion with the Vietnamese delegation