AUGUST-17-2017 – Meeting With Princess Merriam Kiram

Mr. Ban Tran, CEO of Trans International, met with Princess Merriam Kiram, wife and widow of the 34th Sultan of the Sulu Archipelago. Trans International will be collaborating with Princess Merriam's United World Foundation Philippines, to bring together technologies and expertise to begin the masterplan urban development and modernization of the Sulu Archipelago.


Photo Caption (left to right):  A) Advisor, United World Foundation Philippines, B) Chirag Sagar - SVP Trans International USA, Partner & COO, Destination Luxury, C) Her Excellency, Princess Merriam Kiram, Sulu Archipelago, D) Ban Tran - CEO of Trans International, E) Advisor, United World Foundation Philippines F) Advisor, United World Foundation Philippines


Photo Caption: Mr. Ban Tran, discussing strategies with Princess Merriam Kiram and her Advisors over lunch