• Spoke at the United Nations on Technology for Sustainable Smart Agriculture


Trans International is a private holding company formed in February 2014, with ownership/shares in multiple companies, primarily focusing on Supply Chain, Infrastructure and Technology. Trans International owns and operates businesses in international trade and sourcing, in addition to serving as a strategic advisor and business execution & management company, specializing in the US, Latin America, China, and Southeast Asia markets. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in international business development, with focus expertise in industrial & agricultural commodities, infrastructure development, supply chain solution, cross-border education, and technology.

On the technology side, Trans International is focusing on nanotechnology, graphene, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data. We work with strategic partners on integrating these technologies together to create some of the most comprehensive solutions for society's challenges and Trans International's role is taking these innovative technological solutions through commercialization and into industrial applications.


On July 24, Mr. Ryan Ban Tran was invited to speak on the topic of leveraging technology for sustainable smart agriculture at the 5th Annual Agribusiness & Economic Industry Summit at the United Nations…more


Ryan Ban Tran is the President & CEO of Trans International and has been involved in the international trade and development industry for over 10 years. In addition, he also serves as Advisory Board member of University of Southern California (USC) Center for Global Supply Chain Management…more




The Trans International team was invited by the Ambassador of ECOWAS to the United Nations to participate at the Round Table Discussion on Digital Technology In Sustainable Smart Agriculture on July 9, at the United Nations...more